Reason 1: Small

How small is the SecCube Main Controller S?

Very small.

SecCube S

And how small are the SecCube Modules?

Even smaller.

SecCube Module

small. smallest. nanotechnology. SecCube.

Imagine one S controller and 4 modules – called a SecBloc – is only 9cm (H) * 6cm (D) * 6 cm (W).

This makes SecCube ideal for hidden applications in home and office security, but also extremely portable.

SecCubes won’t take much space in your luggage, stay independent from a power source for many hours and – even being that tiny – have a sturdy aluminum case plus an extra strong and specially recessed touchscreen.

And they are not clued but screwed to last a long, long time.

SecCube. Open, modular, innovative – tiny cubes that do perform.

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