Reason 2: Secure

Our team is very security conscious. The ‘Sec‘ in SecCube is there because we keep a tight focus on security in all areas of the SecCube modular solution.

We implement a host of security features in our software and hardware. Our experts conduct extensive security assessments and vulnerability testing and our whole architecture is continuously reviewed by security experts to assure that SecCube is safe.

The IOT (Internet of Things) where everything is connected – and SecCube are IOT devices, creates serious challenges is regard to security. SmartHomes can be hacked as well home security devices. We have seen many security issues with hardware and software in the last years. Even Firewall manufacturers had service back-doors with hard-coded passwords in their devices.

We at SecCube are aware of the multiple treats out there and are making sure from the very first concept study to architecture, implementation and continuous quality assurance that our devices are as safe as it possible by implementing the latest in security technology and counter measures available.

SecCube. Secure, strong, tiny – and modular to the max.


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