Reason 3: Open

Proprietary connections? Incompatible cables? Non replaceable batteries?

Are there actually companies who have to make their money like this? Apparently…

But we do not generate benefit by forcing you to buy anything – apart from SecCubes of course šŸ™‚

We make money on selling the SecCube solution, a combination of premium quality hardware and software, topped with good security.

How are SecCubes connected? Standard USB 3.0. What is more common than USB?
Can the battery be replaced? Of course. We have choosen widely used standard Lithium Ion batteries.
Can I take SecCubes on global travels? Yes, indeed. The controller, called simply S, comes both with a strong battery to run for many hours independently and with a innovative power adaptor which can be combined with many country adapters (included) so you can take SecCubes nearly everywhere – no additional adaptors needed.
Can the functionality of SecCubes be enhanced? Sure. We are all about open connections and open API’s. There is nothing more valuable than a driving development and customization community.

SecCube. Open, modular, innovative – tiny cubes that do perform.

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