Reason 5: Modular

Each S, the SecCube controller unit connects to 1-4 modules.

The following SecCubes will be shipping SOON:

S / Main Controller
S11 / Sensor
S12 / Camera
S22 / Wireless
S23 / Mobile Broadband

Modules available 6 months after launch will be S21 , SmartHome Module and S31 , the Open Module.

SecCube’s modular approach allows you to use SecCube for a multitude of tasks and to combine any combination of 1-4 modules with a controller. This makes our solution extremely flexible. In addition, when you exchange a module or the controller in the future for an enhanced model with more power and/or additional features, you retain most of the initial investment by just exchanging one item in a modular system.

SecCube. Open, modular, innovative – tiny cubes that do perform.


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