our history.

In 2006, now the CEO of activ8me Limited based in London, Armin Albarracin, was the CEO of a3, a Zurich, Switzerland based Nanotechnology company.

a3 created the Nanoware product line back in 2006, prototypes where built and the solution – which was quite similar in concept to SecCube – was presented as an official entry to the Swiss Technology Award 2007, a prestigious technology event with global reach.

The modular concept, the cube form, the focus on security and many other aspects of SecCubes were similar to the SecCube solution.

But that was in 2006. While the concept of Nanoware was fine, the possibilities in technology were not as today. Be it density of Lithium Ion batteries, miniaturization of components and manufacturing technologies and prices – between 2006 and 2016 much has happened.

Much has happened in those 10 years. Except of the fact that something comparable to Nanoware devices was not available on the market in 2006 – and is not available on the market in 2016.

That is why Armin Albarracin, now CEO of activ8me and founder of the SecCube product line, decided to make the base concept of Nanoware a reality now. Technology is ready, potential customers are waiting for a modular device like SecCube and production costs for such devices make it possible to put a realistic price tag on a futuristic product like SecCube.

Frustrated by the lack of security, modularity, portability, quality and openness of similar concepts, irritated by proprietary connections and components of competing devices and inspired by the possibilities that nanotechnology and mass production in this area presents, Armin Albarracin decided to found SecCube.

It did not take much time to get the right experts onboard. Now we are a global team of enthusiastic professionals working on a tight deadline to ship SecCube device range mid of next year worldwide.

2006: Nanoware. 2016: SecCube. Coz the future is now.


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