SecCube: SecBloc

Below video shows a SecBloc (One ‘S’ Main Controller & 1-4 SecCube Modules combined). Each SecBloc has a maximum of 4 modules as our performance testing has shown that with this amount of modules per controller excellent performance is guaranteed.

But SecCube modularity does not finish with the SecBloc. Up to 12 SecBlocs can by combined into an array and administrated centrally – thus making it possible to cluster up to 40 modules in total.

How small are SecCubes?

Very small.

And how small are the SecCube Modules?

Even smaller.

small. smallest. nanotechnology. SecCube.

SecCube modules are connected via the USB 3.0 connection with the main controller. 4 modules can be placed on the top of the SC Main Controller, while modules with sensors, cameras or other components requiring front view are placed in the 2 front connections, communication modules for example like Wireless or GSM are placed in the 2 back connections of the S. These connections are magnetic, so the SecBloc becomes one strong unit which can be easily placed in travel luggage.

The colored components (touchscreen, buttons, sensors, connections etc.) in this video are only colored for illustration purposed. The real product is in stealth mode by default (customizable). SecCubes (both S main controller and all modules) are held 100% in black. This is not only ideal for surveillance but is also the main SecCube Design statement of simplicity, reduction to the max and ease of use.

These videos and pictures show digital models for illustration purposes only. The final product may look slightly different due to manufacturing requirements. But features, size, color, functionality and applications will be as detailed here.

This is how SecCubes really look (100% black – also the red line on corner is for 3D effect only):

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